“Pre-Bid” Conference & Walk Through

The Broadview Public Library is having a mandatory “Pre-Bid” Conference & building walk through at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, January 23nd, at the Library at 2226 S. 16th Ave, Broadview, IL. Representatives of all bidding firms are required to attend to present any questions they may have. Neither the Architect nor the Owner will respond to questions orally regarding the Project outside of the Pre-Bid Conference. Minutes of the Pre-Bid Conference will be disseminated to all those attending and to the General Public. All requests for clarifications or interpretations outside of the Pre-Bid Conference shall be made in writing and will be answered by Addendum when appropriate. Contractors bidding “All Work” not represented at the Pre-Bid Conference and Building Walk Through will not be eligible to bid.

The full public notice can be found at https://www.publicnoticeillinois.com/RecentNoticesByPublDet…

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