What happened to the Library:

Early in the morning of Saturday, June 26th, the Broadview Public Library District’s electrical system experienced a massive failure. After this electrical failure, the Library’s emergency generator, powered by natural gas, should have come on line to provide emergency services for the building.  For unknown reasons this did not happen. This chain of events caused the Library’s sump pumps to fail. When Library staff arrived Saturday morning, they discovered that the building had no electricity, no lights, and no telephone service.  After investigating the totally dark lower level of the building, they discovered that the building had flooded.  An emergency contractor initially estimated that the building had taken on 15,000 gallons of water.

What the Library is doing to fix the problem:

Emergency contractors were brought in and began a lengthy process of draining the building. Continued rain and high levels of ground water led to the building taking on more water. Ultimately 19,000 gallons of water were pumped out of the building. As of Wednesday, June 30th, the library’s auxiliary power has been restored. This means that the building’s emergency lights, sump pumps, and telephones are working.

Once power is fully restored, the lower level will need extensive repairs.  The damage to the electrical system is unknown and it may have to be, at least partially, replaced.  The status of the furnishings, carpeting, and lower walls will have to be evaluated for cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Why this happened:

Building & emergency contractors and insurance representatives will be investigating the causes of the double failure of the library’s electrical system and its emergency backup generator. At this time, the causes of the failures are unknown.

When will the Library reopen:

Unfortunately we do not have enough information to announce a reopening date. The Library board and administration hope to have the main floor of the library open as soon as the electrical system and HVAC are working normally again. Once those systems are restored we can reopen the main level of the building while repairs are made to the lower level.

What do I do with my library materials:

We are asking that library users please keep any materials that they have checked out until the library systems are back up.

Where can I find out more information about the Broadview Public Library’s status and its ongoing virtual programs and services?

As we know more we will be posting status updates on the Library’s website, and the library’s FaceBook page,

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